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The mission of the Suzi Bass Awards is to celebrate and promote Atlanta professional theatre through the evaluation and recognition of excellence.

Our vision is of Atlanta as a vibrant home for numerous professional theatres that entertain extensive audiences with quality productions, provide a livelihood for a large and diverse family of theatre professionals and draw ever-growing attention and business to the greater Atlanta area. 

We appreciate our 2016 Sponsors for their support all year long and particularly
in making our Awards ceremony night a huge success!

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Judge Applications being accepted for 2017-2018 season!

If you're interested, or know someone who would make a great Suzi Judge, submit an online application by May 15, 2017 to be considered. Information submission is secure and will only be seen by the Judging Committee, which seats our panels. 



What does a Suzi Award Judge do?
Suzi Panel Judges see eligible plays at our participating theatres and submit a score sheet based on a detailed rubric. At the end of the season, the judge reviews all of their scores and nominees are determined based only scores from the panel judges. Once the nominees are announced, each judge receives a final ballot for voting. Winners are celebrated at the Suzi Awards Ceremony in early November.

How do I learn about the judging process and continue learning about theatrical productions?
We have important judge training meetings before the season begins, usually in June and July. And because learning about theatre is a lifelong experience, we hold Salons and Judge Roundtables throughout the year. Articles and materials that would be helpful or interesting to our judges are sent out periodically by email or posted on the Suzi Awards Facebook page.

What kind of time commitment are we talking about?
Time commitment varies depending on the panel. Play panel judges will see twice as many plays, averaging three to five a month. Some months may have as many as 7 plays to see. Musical panel judges and TYA panel judges see less than half that many.

Can I be on more than one panel?
It is possible to be a panel judge and also be a Recommending Judge, but generally service on only one panel is best.

Will it cost me anything to be a judge?
We do ask that each judge become a member of the Suzi Awards. Membership ranges from $25 annually to $1500 for a Lifetime Membership.
Each panel judge will receive one complimentary ticket to each show submitted for their panel. You will need to purchase any tickets for any guests that accompany you.
Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse judges for travel expenses or mileage. However, your mileage is considered a charitable contribution and is tax-deductible if you itemize your return.

Is there a secret Suzi Judge handshake?
Not yet. But we're thinking about adding one. What we do have is a Standards of Conduct document that explains expected behavior, dealing with conflicts of interest, and other organizational matters. All Suzi volunteers must accept those standards to participate. If you'd like to see the Standards of Conduct before submitting your application, email judging@suziawards.org

Diversity Statement of the Suzi Bass Awards

The Suzi Bass Awards celebrates and promotes Atlanta professional theatre through the evaluation and recognition of excellence. To accomplish this, we are committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity among our Board, judges, and volunteers.

We do this by ensuring that all people involved in the Suzi Bass Awards are treated with respect and understanding, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, religion, physical ability, or political belief.

The Suzi Bass Awards will seek Board members, judges, and volunteers who commit to that standard and who themselves reflect the diversity of the Atlanta professional theatre we serve.

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