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The Annual Suzi Bass Awards 
Ceremony brings together professionals and patrons of
the Atlanta theatre community
to celebrate live theatre!

November 9, 2020


Now in our 16th year, the Suzi Bass Awards continues its work in fulfilling our mission through celebrating and promoting Atlanta professional theatre through the evaluation and recognition of excellence.This past season has consisted of incredibly brilliant productions, thrillingly moving performances as well as unexpectedly heartbreaking disappointments and immediate calls to action. At this time, we honor the collective work of this past season and give special recognition for the excellence provided by five artist-run organizations who truly embody the Spirit of Suzi.   


The Suzi Bass Awards celebrates excellence. Excellence requires continuous renewal and evolution. Excellence is where preparation and opportunity meet. Excellence is, by its very nature, diverse, inclusive, and occasionally revolutionary.


These past few months have galvanized our theatre community with a renewed commitment to accountability for moving forward with respect, equity, courage, and full inclusiveness. The Suzis are up for this challenge, and invite you to work alongside us as we design and embrace the future!


We thank our Suzi judges, members and volunteers who have given their time and expertise. We are grateful for recent additions to the Suzi family--our new members and collaborators who have eagerly participated in our work these past few months. And, we extend heartfelt gratitude for every audience member, theatre-maker, artist, production team member, writer, designer, administrator, donor, and volunteer who supports the essential work of Atlanta theatre.  

What's Next?

Like you, we are waiting to see how we can safely resume attending productions. And in the meantime, we are preparing by taking specific and tangible steps to ensure that we hold ourselves accountable and meet this opportunity for growth and evolution. We are:

*Developing new approaches and systems for judging and evaluating the substance and processes of theatrical endeavors.

*Identifying, recruiting, expanding our judging expertise to ensure that our cadre of judges brings diverse perspectives, experiences, and paradigms for evaluating theatrical work.

*Educating ourselves to recognize our own biases so that we can adapt and update those practices to ensure greater equity.

*Engaging in more frequent salon discussions and ally-ship training to listen and to practice the openness to necessary evolution and growth.

*Harnessing the spirit of Suzi Bass herself as we seek to build a more inclusive membership, a joyful place for professional connection and hold onto the hope that we will all gather together again soon to celebrate each other.  


If you have not yet renewed your membership, please do. If you are new to us, we invite you to join The Suzi Bass Awards as a voting member and together let's build the next Act for the Atlanta theatre community and The Suzi Bass Awards.  Suzi Membership Form


And now, with gratitude,
we share this year's Suzi Bass Awards. 



The Suzi Bass Awards Board of Directors


The Suzi Awards of Atlanta were founded to promote and celebrate excellence in our professional theatre community.  Since our founding fifteen years ago, our all-volunteer organization has held in our hearts the firm commitment to fostering diversity, ensuring respect and holding a standard for all of our participants.  


And, it's not enough. We must and will do better.


We are at our best when we engage with the world around us. This is a pivotal moment in our nation's history and it is our mission to listen, to engage in meaningful dialogue and to effect real change in our community. As a volunteer organization that has attracted predominantly white people to its activities, we commit to engaging in active self-reflection on the ways in which our processes and practices can change to become more broadly inclusive and more particularly open to the diversity of professional theatrical work in Atlanta. We will not tolerate hate, racism, injustice or bigotry of any kind. We don't want to be complicit in systems that do. We stand in solidarity with all of our brothers and sisters seeking justice and equality.


In January 2020, we began a strategic planning process to connect with our stakeholders and collectively determine our goals for the near future. We have managed to continue progress with our planning through Covid and will have more action items to announce soon. 


But immediately, the Board of the Suzis wants to announce that we are prioritizing changes to result in more diverse judging panels and board members as well as implementing an equity lens on everything that we do and evaluate. Celebrating excellence means not just recognizing excellent stagecraft, it also means holding a higher expectation for all of our theatres for inclusion and equity.  


We must and will do better. 

Eligible professional Atlanta theatres participate in a year-long, independently-judged process resulting in outstanding nominees in numerous categories of plays, musicals, and world premieres.

About The Suzis

The mission of the Suzi Bass Awards is to celebrate and promote Atlanta professional theatre through the evaluation and recognition of excellence.

Our vision is of Atlanta as a vibrant home for numerous professional theatres that entertain extensive audiences with quality productions, provide a livelihood for a large and diverse family of theatre professionals and draw ever-growing attention and business to the greater Atlanta area.

Our vision for the Suzi Awards organization is to be self-sustaining, well recognized in the community, and respected by other organizations, theatres, theatre professionals and individuals.

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