The Suzi Judging Process

Wondering how all the judging, nominating and winning happens each year?

It all begins on Opening Night with five Suzi Recommending Judges. They complete a detailed scorebook and rate all elements of the performance, including Direction, Scenic Design, Lighting, Sound, Costumes and Projection Design. Performance is judged either as Ensemble, or for Leading and Supporting Male and Female Actors. If a show is a Musical, Choreography and Music Direction are also evaluated. The combined scores and recommendations determine if a show will be Suzi Recommended.

Once a show is recommended, judges in the Play Panel or Musical Panel will attend the show and submit a score sheet immediately. Based on the scores of those judges, nominations for Suzi Awards are determined.

The nominees are announced in September each year, and all Suzi judges receive a final ballot for voting. Suzi Voting Members get to vote, too.Tabulating is a very hush hush procedure. All involved take a Vow of Silence until the Winners are celebrated at the Annual Suzi Bass Awards Ceremony in early November.


Think you have what it takes to be a Suzi Judge? 

You can find out here and submit an application to the Judging Coordinator.

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​2018 Winner for Outstanding Lighting Design – Play.

Joseph P. Monaghan for Angels in America. Actor’s Express

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Suzi Award Judge do?
Suzi Panel Judges see  Suzi Recommended plays at our participating theatres and submit a score sheet based on a detailed rubric. At the end of the season, the judge reviews all of their scores and nominees are determined based only on scores from the panel judges. Once the nominees are announced, each judge receives a final ballot for voting. 

How do I learn about the judging process and continue learning about theatrical productions?
We have important judge training meetings before the season begins, usually between May and July. And because learning about theatre is a lifelong experience, we hold Salons and Judge Roundtables throughout the year. Articles and materials that would be helpful or interesting to our judges are sent out periodically by email orposted on the Suzi Awards Facebook page.

What kind of time and other commitment are we talking about?
Time commitment varies depending on the panel. Play Panel judges will see twice as many plays as Musical or TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) Panel judges, averaging three to five a month. Some months may have as many as 7 plays to see. We have a Standards of Conduct document that explains expected behavior, dealing with conflicts of interest, and other organizational matters. All Suzi volunteers must accept those standards to participate. If you’d like to see the Standards of Conduct before submitting your application, please contact our Judging Coordinator. <>

Can I be on more than one panel?
It is possible to be a panel judge and also be a Recommending Judge, but generally service on only one panel is best.

Will it cost me anything to be a judge?
We do ask that each judge become a member of the Suzi Awards. Membership ranges from $25 annually to$1500 for a Lifetime Membership. Each panel judge will receive one complimentary ticket to each Suzi Recommended show. You will need to purchase any tickets for any guests that accompany you. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse judges for travel expenses or mileage. However, your mileage is considered a charitable contribution and is tax-deductible if you itemize your return.

2018 Winner. Outstanding Supporting Actor/Male  – Play. Enoch King for The Christians. Actor's Express