Suzi Salon &

Judges Round Table

Throughout the year, The Suzi Bass Awards offers

Educational Salons for the community and Round Table Discussions for Judges.

These sessions vary in topic but are always a source of enlighment for all who attend.

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Musical Directors Ann-Carol Pence, Michael Monroe and Annie Cook, panelists at the January 13 Suzi Salon on Music Direction.

Please mark your calendars for the following dates.

Times and locations will be provided closer to the time of each event.

Monday, January 13, 2020  7pm

Member Salon – Music Direction

Insights, advice and secrets from a panel of Music Directors.
The Suzi Bass Awards Educational Committee will host a Suzi Salon on musical direction at the Academy Theatre in Hapeville, Georgia. The panelists will include experienced, professional musical directors including Ann-Carol Pence, Michael Monroe and Annie Cook.    

Monday, April 20     
Member Salon – Producing New Works

Hear from a panel of actors, playwrights, directors, and producers about mounting original works

Sunday, June 14     
Judges Round Table – Game Show

“Whose Job Is It, Anyway?”
A game show that looks 
at responsibilities of various jobs in theatre

Sunday, August 23     
Judges Round Table – Judging Outside The Box
Judging non-traditional pieces and fairly judging your least favorite genres

Monday, October 19   

Member Salon – Projection

Discussion around the growing implementation of projections on stage